Less than Container Load (LCL)
When goods is short of a full container load, and you till prefer to usea a container by yourself for some reason, we can arrange this for you. But you have to pay for dead space charges.
Full Container Load(FCL)
When goods makes up a full container load(17.5 tons-20tons or 38500lbs-44000lbs), we can use a 20' container for shipment. It's safe and cost effective to have this mode of shipment. But we seldom use a 40' container for a goods like granite and marble.
Flat Rack
It is unusual to use this kind of container for stone products, but it is useful when your stone pieces are oversize in width, but still come within the maximum limit of the container.
Open Top
Compared to Close Box, it is much easier to unload bundles of slabs from an Open Top container. Although its freight is higher than a regular Close Box,it still saves by avoiding breakage during unload and additional cost of labor.
Group Page
When you have only a few creates to ship, we can arrange this mode of shipment. That is ,your goods will go together with other consignees' shipments loaded in a container for the same destination. because additional number of transshipments is required, which are really beyond our control.
Courier Service
Door-to-door delivery is also available when goods is urgent but not very heavy in weight.

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